FLEXIBOWL | Operating Modes


FLEXIBOWL | Traditional Operating Mode

The flex feeder routine includes 3 different activities :

Dropping refers to the action of the bulk feeder
Separating refers to the action of the flexible feeder
Picking refers to the action of the robot

In the FlexiBowl, the disc is split into three functional sectors :
• Dropping;
• Separating;
• Picking.

By splitting and confining every single phase of the process in a dedicated sector, dropping, separating and picking take place at the same time.
This process usually lasts 0.5 seconds, which is a benchmark in the flexible feeding market.



FlexiTrack enables the circular conveyor tracking of the FlexiBowl. In the FlexiTrack vision system operates in a separate sector located right before the robot picking area. The robot and vision processing are simultaneous so the time waste in processing data is reduced. In this system a second camera is positioned before the bulk feeder to balance the parts dropping.

There are several advantages:

• A steady flow of parts reduces massively the time spent on parts handling;
• Vision system processing time has a very low impact on the feed rate;
• The parts stabilization time is eliminated;
Multiple lighting solutions can be applied without limiting the robot movement;
• The same productivity as in traditional mode can be obtained with a FlexiBowl size down;
• One FlexiTrack replaces two Traditional Mode feeders saving costs and layout;
• The instant cycle time of the pick&place is quite steady and it makes FlexiTrack suitable for synchronous applications (e.g dial tables)


FLEXIBOWL | Multiple Parts Feeding

Multiple Parts Feeding allows simultaneous feeding of different components.
Up to 6 different types of components can be managed by the same FlexiBowl® reliably. A separate bulk feeder is needed for every single type of component.
Multiple parts feeding allows to minimize layout and production costs. The feature can be equipped to FlexiBowl 500, 650 and 800.

A different type of surface can be applied to each sector, maximising the feeding experience. The surfaces are offered in different:

• Colours
• Textures
• Degrees of adhesion

FDA and antistatic surfaces are also available in our catalogue.
The multiple parts feeding is suitable for applications such as Assembly, Kitting and Tray Loading with many different components.



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