UNIGRIPPER | Basic Modules Systems

UNIGRIPPER | Basic Modules

UniGripper Basic is a series of foam grippers with focus on cost effectiveness and simplicity.  UniGripper Basic is primarily intended for handling of low-porosity materials with high coverage of product.

UniGripper Basic is based on a 120mm profile containing flow restriction valves. The foam pad is glues directly to the profile. On top of the profile various options for vacuum genaration can be mounted. Click on picture to enlarge.

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AXYSTO - Unigripper Basic Modules

Width : 120mm
Lengths : 400, 850, 1000, 1.250 and 1400mm

UniGripper Basic is available in two different valve configurations. Each valve pitch is associated with two standard foam pad design, as shown in picture (click to enlarge).

Vacuum Generation

Each length of the SMS unit has one or more locations where vacuum pumps can be connected. Either vacuum pumps can be mounted directly on the gripper or hose connections can be used to connect to extrnal vacuum pump.

Ejector -EB : Compact and simple vacuum pump in a single configuration

Ejector Basic - Unigripper

Hose Connection -H1 | Hose connection for 1”/25mm vacuum hoses

Hose Connection -H2 | Hose connection for 2”/50mm vacuum hose

Connector - Unigripper - Basic Modules

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