CAPACITY : for flat parts from 4 to 180 Kg

MAP-SERIE are pneumatically controlled neodymium permanent magnets, which have excellent size / gripping force ratio and extremely low residual magnetism. The compact size combined with high gripping force make them versatile for various applications including: lifters, robot grippers, fixtures, production automation.

Lifting capacity is always determined with a safety factor of 3.

AXYSTO | MRP-6 - Bistable Magnet | Aimant bistable - dédié à la robotique



WLL max.40kg

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WLL max.120kg

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AXYSTO | MAP-120R - Bistable Magnet | Aimant bistable - dédié à la robotique


WLL max.180kg

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Excellent size to gripping capacity ratio
Easy control by compressed air
Suitable for robot grippers of pick and place applications
Optimal for robotics, other industrial automation, lifting and workholding
Maintenance free - Keep their magnetic state in case of lost air pressure
MRP series allow handling of wide range of load shapes and sizes