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UniGripper Co/Light combines the possibilities of additive printing with the strength of aluminum to give a low-weight, yet strong design.

FANUC - Collaborative Robot - Unigripper - Co/Light - Colight vacuum gripper installed on a collaborative automatic palletizer Pacospharm - vacuum generator -

This photo shows a Colight gripper installed on a Pacospharm collaborative palletizer.  The gripper ensures maximum safety by using a vacuum controller.

UniGripper Co/light comes in three sizes:

  • Regular - for lifting anything from small to relatively large objects
  • Mini - when only handling smaller objects
  • Maxi - For larger objects like big cases or when there is need to handle several smaller objects on a large surface.

CO/LIGHT MINI | 112x150mm

Co/light Mini is the perfect choice for robots with 3kg payload

CoLight Mini - Cobot - Unigripper

CO/LIGHT REGULAR | 150x265mm

Co/Light Regular is a powerful gripper with large gripping area, yet low weight.

UNigripper - CoLight Regular - Cobot

CO/LIGHT MAXI | 270x370mm

Co/Light Maxi gives a large surface over which vacuum is distributed, ideal for handling big batches of smaller objects or for handling larger objects like boxes with extra security.


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