Flexible Parts Feeders

FlexiBowl® is an innovative flexible parts feeder that is compatible with every robot and vision system.

Flexibowl @ Axysto - Feeding Systems

  Entire families of parts within 1-250 mm and 1-250 g can be handled by a single FlexiBowl®, replacing a whole set of vibrating bowl feeders.



Ease | Reliability

Wide Range of Bowls and Bulk Feeders

Wide Range of Flexibowl - Large Gamme de produits

 The working principle is very simple and straightforward: the bulk feeder releases and lets the parts fall onto the FlexiBowl® surface and they are effectively separated by the combination of bidirectional rotation and the impulse generator. Once the parts are singulated, the camera recognizes them and sends the coordinates to the robot for the pick-up.


Wide range of Bulk Feeders - Large gamme de convoyeur vibrant d'alimentation

  Bulk feeders are provided with different tank volumes 1.5lt, 5lt, 10lt, 20lt, 40lt
/- m
ade in INOX steel and can be coated in polyurethane



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